PYKY Studio is the R & D studio of creative director,
artist & fund finder Stephen Moynihan

Awareness - Ideas - Action

Make work to evoke change,infuse positive emotions and ignite action. The direction of the studio has broadened in recent years to encompass a wider range of art direction and delivery. The Goal - Reach more people and foster new partnerships in areas where we can create greater impact  

“Build Your Skills” – This running theme of work aims to highlight common phrases to shift the viewers chemistry in positive ways -  “Stay Up”, “Build Our Skills”, “Get Busy” etc, etc… Sometimes I use characters in my work to portray these messages: a current character “Pete” is helping me to narrate some of my more complex themes and ideas.”

Areas of Focus - Positivity / Action / Social Awareness / Mental Fitness

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Save The Children

In a recent project we created a mini campaign to raise funds for #childrenofaleppo with ‘Save The Children’

We designed 3 T shirt designs with the theme of ‘Positivity’ - The designs were advertised on social media where they were lauched and sold online -

The studio currently has 2 living projects...

Yin & Yang 

This is a print exhibition with a new art gallery in Brighton UK / Conclave

Working with L&S Printing we’ve created 6 limited edition prints based around the theme of ‘Yin & Yang.’ / Highs & Lows 

Funds : ‘Mind’ Mental Health Charity.

Lets Go Mad Together

Also developing a bunch of short narratives and animations with a some local makers for the Brighton Digital Festival.
These short scripts are explorations into what it mean to be ‘normal’ in todays society.
We take a trip with a loveable character, Pete Briquette, as he trips and bundles his way through all kinds
of everyday suchness. 

The first set of short clips is due to be shown at the Brighton Digital Festival in Oct 2019.

Recently had the pleasure of joinging with the Worthing and Beyond Creative Network