Don’t Do Nothin’

Braindumps for the

My image below happened at a time when I was feeling low. I often work with phrases that have a double meaning - I was experimenting in illustrator like I often do with the phrase “Don’t Do Nothing’, but in a low mood - so I thought... ‘I try to make the machine crash... set off a whole bunch of filters & blends - spinning beachball - success.. wait for crash... When I woke up I had this half rendered image... Low to High in one Failed Fell.   

If you’d like to submit your idea for what ‘low to high’ means to you attach low-res to an email and send to me. Once I find a publisher who can help to get this printed I’ll be back in touch for the hires version of your piece.

Theme: Low to high in 1 failed fell - Happy Sabbotage! :)