PYKY Studio

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Recent Projects...

#ItsOurTime /#MakeClimateCount

Brandless campaign created by the wonderful people at IfNotNowDigital - Entice 18-30yr olds to register to vote ahead of the general elections 2019 - see the project here! :)

Previous Projects...

Save The Children

A recent self initiated project to raise funds for #childrenofaleppo with ‘Save The Children’

3 T shirts themed loosly on ‘Positivity’ - The designs were advertised on social media where they were lauched and sold online

Funds :
Mind’ Mental Health Charity.

Yin & Yang

This is a print exhibition with a new art gallery in Brighton UK / Conclave

Working with L&S Printing we’ve created 6 limited edition prints based around the theme of ‘Yin & Yang.’ / Highs & Lows

Funds :
‘Mind’ Mental Health Charity.

Lets Go Mad Together

A set of short narratives and animations with local makers for the Brighton Digital Festival next year which attempt to shine a positive light  on the challenges people experience in todays society.

The first set of short clips is due to be shown at the Brighton Digital Festival in Oct 2020.

Recently also had the pleasure of joinging with the Worthing and Beyond Creative Network.

Get in touch if you’ve a project you’d like to discuss  ︎